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Scarlet Tutors is an organization that provides students on-demand academic assistance for schoolwork, standardized test preparation, and college applications. Book-a-Session One of our tutors will reach out to you and confirm the time and location to meet. Learn from the Best Meet with the tutor and resolve the difficulty. Each of our sessions has a money-back guarantee. Succeed and Outperform We ensure stellar results. Your tutor will be available in the Student Portal for extra help after the session. Repeat as Needed Whenever you need tutoring, we are at your service. Let us help you achieve your best. In a nutshell We are tutors at your service. Whenever you need help with anything academic, book-a-session with us at your earliest convenience. One of our highly competent tutors will reach out to you to confirm and time and location to meet. Our students and tutors generally meet in public spaces dedicated to learning – such as university or public libraries. Many individuals or families prefer for tutors to come to their houses. During the one-on-one session, the student and tutor will work out the difficulty. If additional assistance is required, the student and tutor can arrange a long-term tutoring plan. The student will also be able to login into the Student Portal to talk to our network of tutors who will help with homework and other random questions outside of our tutoring sessions. Our Advantages On Demand Service We understand that students may not need tutors all the time. However, there are times when a topic becomes too difficult to grasp or an assignment feels impossible to finish. Scarlet Tutors are ready to help anytime you feel like you need help. Individualized Peer Instruction Our team consists of recently-graduated and current college students who have proven their competence and fluency in material they plan to tutor. As peer tutors, we can relate the to material very easily and provide support as well as guidance for long-term objectives. We work with each student’s individual learning style and strive to be mentors as much as tutors. Access to a Network of Tutors We provide online student resources which allows our students to collaborate with the many tutors we have in our team. Tutors are available at all times to answer questions asked online. If our students need robust support with concepts and school-work, we can provide a qualified tutor for any subject, standardized test, or college application. Proven Success We have experience working with over one hundred students. That number continues to grow. Our confidence in leading students to success allows us to give a money-back guarantee with all of our sessions.
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